NOTICE: This server will receive several upgrades soon. Please report any issues


I will be performing a migration to a new version of the operating system soon, which will involve a migration to a new VPS within the same provider I am with. Apart from maintainability, the biggest gain will be IPv6 support. Just what is IPv6? Put very simply, the number of IP addresses on IPv6 is so big, each person on this planet will have enough IP addresses as the current IPv4 Internet, squared. Many ISPs now support IPv6 by default and can talk directly to an IPv6-enabled server.

I picked up the servers just recently, but will be phasing everyone's sites in over time. As I start to migrate users' sites in, I will keep this page updated as I go. Right now, I am migrating basic services as well as my own services. I will soon migrate all other services on the other servers.

If you see anything essential missing, out of place, or just would like me to put something on the server, please let me know.

--Ian R. Justman.

P.S. If anyone has any questions, please direct them to irjustman (cinnamon roll) gmail (dust speck) com.